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My name is Khye and I am a sacred transition guide. Welcome to the place where we're reclaiming the sacredness of birth, one person at a time. Grab a freebie, check out some of our courses and workbooks, and stay a while.

I'm so excited that you're here! We're creating birth justice every time we liberate ourselves, and it's gonna take all of us to create birth justice.

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Available Courses And Resources

Blood Pressure Tracker PDF

You will receive a PDF download of a blood pressure tracker to share with your clients to take their birthing experience into their own hands.

Sacred Birth Childbirth Education Course

Sacred Birth Childbirth Education is the intersectional and inclusive self-paced childbirth education course for Black families concerned about the maternal mortality crisis. Sacred Birth CBE guides you through the sacred birth principles, how to spot coercion and manipulation through the birth process, how to build a care team and community to support you through this transition, inclusive infant feeding, and more. This combination of videos, workbooks, and self-reflection activities will help you determine the type of birth you desire, notice and remove obstacles, and manage the unknown and uncontrollable along the way.

Redefining Family: Accurately Capturing Black Stories

How are we capturing the stories of Black folx? Are the tools able to fully capture the fullness of Black lived experiences? In this workshop, attendees will reframe family structure, the system of gender, and data collection through a decolonized Black feminist lens in order to capture more robust and accurate stories of Black birthing people, families, and communities.

Community Postpartum Plan workbook

Are you a birthing parent or birthworker? Use this workbook to guide yourself or your clients toward building a supportive postpartum community.

Though this workbook is focused on postpartum, anyone can use this to build an intentional community with care.

If you purchase this workbook, you will automatically receive access to the 5 ways to build community e-book!

You will receive a PDF download of the Community Postpartum Plan workbook.

Birth Justice Mentorship Preview

The Birth Justice mentorship was designed for newer birthworkers looking for guidance in building their businesses in a way that centers the needs of the most marginalized. Join the preview to get first dibs on a sneak peek into the mentorship (and some special surprises)!

Finding your Business Name workbook

You will receive a PDF download of the Finding Your Business Name workbook.

Building your Birth Justice Biz

What does integrity have to do with birth justice? During Building your Birth Justice Biz, we will discuss the importance of integrity in our business operations so that we can live justice-motivated lives. You will receive a PDF of the Business Integrity Check-in exercise to gauge your business against actions of integrity.

5 ways to build community e-book

You will receive a PDF download of the 5 ways to build community e-book.

Introduction to Reproductive Justice part 1

This mini course is a short introduction to reproductive justice. In this course, you will criticize the historical need for reproductive justice, the creation of reproductive justice, and current applications of reproductive justice with the purpose of integrating reproductive justice into your business quickly.

Introduction to Birth Justice

Dive into the world of Birth Justice, learning about the history of midwifery, how to center birth justice in your business, and determining your business's values in order to build a business that's pointed in the direction of justice.

Introduction to the Maternal Mortality Crisis

While most of us are familiar with the maternal mortality crisis (MMC), few of us have had the chance to analyze the MMC. In this course, participants will analyze the current MMC from the historical context of the lives of Black women and build their resource toolkit to directly combat the MMC in their birthwork.

Introduction to LGBTQ+ Literacy

65% of LGBTQI 18-35 year olds are interested in growing their families. Are you equipped for the queer and trans baby boom? In this course, participants will learn about the needs and concerns of LGBTQI families, best practices in working with LGBTQI families, and how to build a business that LGBTQI families will feel comfortable reaching out to.

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